Saturday, 20 August 2011


Was meaning to talk about this last night, but I must have been more tired than I thought as I passed out on the couch shortly after dinner. Not good I know. Ok, not literally shortly after dinner, but definitely sooner than I thought. Anyhoot, I came across this term, not that it's a new word, in this email. I've talked about it before. Guess this could be me. LOL. Not sure if it's a good thing or not.

I find it interesting the way we (I) develop a liking for a brand, especially with clothing. It's a known fact that sizing differs depending on the label/brand/designer. Is it really just marketing ploy the way they adjust what a numbered size should fit, in an effort to woo customers, that by tapping into our vanity, they hope to build a brand loyalty? Or, is it far more sinister than that? Is it a means to discriminate by consciously seeking a specific group of shoppers? Oh, I'm sure this has been discussed to the wazoo out there. Just happened to wonder about it at the moment, that's all...

I, for one, have a roster of stores/labels that I (used to?) regularly shop. Why? Because I know their clothes fit my body type. Yes, yes, I know and am aware of tailoring, as I've resorted to, on occasions. So when I say it fits my body type, it means, no tailoring required. Hmmmm, maybe I'm deluding myself thinking that they fit me off the rack.

Which brings me back to this sizing method. How is tailoring going to help if the biggest size in the store will only fit half of your body? Can tailoring magically stretch the fabric and create another seam? Maybe I'm just not creative enough? Or are these stores, not meant to be shopped anymore after a certain age or size? But what if you really like the label and/or the style?

Apparently, according to statistics, I happen to fall in the new average size of the women population. Neither skinny nor plus size, but definitely more on the "rubenesque" side, hehe. So having said that, I feel fortunate enough that I have (had) a number of choices out there. But even then, I have to almost always go for the larger(est) size. I have no problem with that. As long as it fits me, it looks good on me, and I feel good about it, I'm happy. But what if I weren't? No doubt there are women out there struggling with those thoughts, no?

I know men don't go through all this thought process when they go shopping. Or do they? Hubby doesn't seem to, so... We've been married for a while now, and I know, to this day, he still hasn't quite fully figured out women's (my) psyche when it comes to shopping. He has some kind of inkling now tho', that's for sure LOL...

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