Friday, 5 August 2011


Guess Friday came after all, whew!... Don't know how, but I made it through the day. I might not have been my most productive self, but I sure did my best hehehe

Partly what got me through the day is that knowing from the time my work day started, I was going to have lunch that's familiar and takes me back in time...

Fried fish with garlic sauce and pork in shrimp paste sauce with rice
(I asked the lady if she can pour extra sauce on my rice, score!:p)

Yes, I think of food quite a bit. I can even think and talk about it even as I'm eating. Sad? Scary?

This place just opened near work. I would not have known if not for a co-worker who happened to walk by it. So thanks, co-worker!

The food was good! Yummy!

Although, here's the deal. I don't cook this kind of food at home. I would crave it every now and then. And when I do buy it, guess what I realize, it doesn't quite taste like home. Another thing that dawns on me, when I'm craving this food, what I'm actually craving is my parents' cooking, (my) home-cooked meal. Now, can't be flying 5000 km every time for mom's cooking and I guess I have to be in a different stratosphere to be able to taste dad's cooking again (miss him so terribly)... sigh... I guess that's why I don't cook it often because even my cooking can only come close to theirs.

So until I figure out a way around this, at least I can be happy with the fact that there are places I can go to satisfy my yen, somewhat. Thanks, for what it's worth!:)

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