Monday, 22 August 2011

Table for Two, this time...

... at home, that is.

The rain finally eased up.

Then, it was time to make dinner. Today's definitely not a watch-what-you're-eating kind of day. It's almost as if my ramen lunch set the tone for the day.

In the end, I guess it became a surf and turf dinner. Surf for me and turf for the hubby.

Crab cakes with aioli
  It looked kinda' burnt, eh? I tried something different tonight. Instead of pan frying it, I actually baked it.  Guess I didn't time it quite right. Well, now I know for next time. Thank god it still tasted yummy! The side dip ended up being a cross between an aioli and tartar sauce. It was garlic-y for sure, that's all I cared for.

NZ strip steak
 Hubby's more the meat-and-potato kinda' guy... Noticed the mismatched dinnerware?:p

Caesars salad
 And gotta have a bit of greens, no? I made the dressing, though not from scratch, and the croutons. Again, bottom line, it was garlic-y, good enough for me and the hubby. I'm happy to say it's been literally years since we last had store-bought salad dressing. Why would we, when the possibilities are endless when you make it yourself, no?

We obviously don't shy away from garlic. With all the not-so-good things we subject our hearts to, I guess liking garlic is  the least we can do to help it.:)

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