Sunday, 21 July 2013

How To Fangirl Properly


A fan, sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, is a person with a liking and enthusiasm for something (or someone). Fans of a particular thing (person)...

I was told I'm too cynical to know how to "fangirl" properly. Ok, just by my sister (hehe). No, I say I'm not... (maybe I'm too old?) And even if I am, I say a cynical gal can still fangirl. How, you ask?
  • Take everything at face value. Whatever the person says/writes/quotes, let that be THE word. No questions asked. Which means that once in a while, you may have to put aside your own opinions, overlook typos, whatever, because let's face it, the person has more knowledge than you and must have a legitimate reason for everything (yes, including the typos).
  • Never ever ask the person difficult questions; questions that may actually need to be handled by the person's PR team. Stick with simple ones (eg. "How do you take care of your lovely skin?")
  • Always gush on your posts/tweets, about everything concerning the person! (eg. "I love how you look sipping coffee in that pap picture, perfection!")
  •  Show support to whatever the person supports, let the person know about it, AND announce it to the world. Virtual world, that is. Real world doesn't count 'cause the person's not in it anyway.
  • Get on the fansite bandwagon, and agree with all the other fans.
  • Post on the person's FB page, or tweet the person, at least once every day, or twice (maybe not thrice or more, as that may just appear stalker-ish).

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HAHAHA... Ok, I'm just being facetious. *grins* (see above image)

Actually, I fangirl quite a bit over certain people, that's for sure. And I have no shame admitting it. I have no qualms letting people know out there how much I adore them AND their work. I don't expect any response unless I have a specific question (mind you, it makes my day, that's for sure, when I get a reply regardless). And believe me, people who knows me know when I'm fangirl-ing over somebody.

Perhaps I should apologize if I sound offensive and I just want to clarify that what I don't get is the way some women fangirl without substance... hmmm, but is that the point of fangirling?... hmmm, am I confused about what fangirling is all about?... hmmm, maybe I don't know how to fangirl after all... hmmm... or do I?... hmmm...

Hey, to each their own, no?

(Don't mind me. With work keeping me busy, I'm just trying to enjoy summer, and not over-exert my brain with too much thinking. Clearly, not necessarily the best results, but hey it is what is:p)


  1. Hahahahaha...I can't even....You? Too sarcastic to fangirl? Nah!

    1. Riiight? Riiight! HAHAHAHA... and how!


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