Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nice Surprise

When I went online on Thursday, this is what greeted me.

Just for me!!! Yah, sure! As if!... hehe... As it turns out, Google was also celebrating. Mind you, not that I'm as young as Google. Nowhere near, obviously. As a matter of fact, out-of-the-ballpark nowhere near. HAH!

Anyhoot, hubs took me out for dinner at this very lovely restaurant frequented usually by A-listers. Not that it's the reason why we went there. They are known for their steaks after all. It was kinda' a birthday and anniversary celebration so it was a special meal, indeed.

The best of that day for me though were the lil surprises, the warm wishes I've received throughout the day included...

Getting ready that morning for a work course, this red package was sitting literally no more than 6 inches from my work docs.

Do you think I noticed it? God, no, of course not. HAH! Hubs had to maneuver me somewhat for me to even see it. Terrible, eh?!?!

Then, at the restaurant, after we finish our meal, hubs asked me if I needed to go to the washroom. Of course, I said not really. But hubs somehow managed to convince me to go. And upon my return, this brown package was on the table.


Goes to show how preoccupied my mind's been lately, and how dense I can be sometimes... tsk-tsk...

I say all's well that ends well... In the end, gifts or not, I'm just glad to have welcomed another year. Well, the dinner and the gifts did not hurt at all, of course... heehee...

In addition to that, the celebration ended up being weekend-long. So there was the dinner with hubs on Thursday, out for drinks with friends on Friday, then meeting different friends for dinner/drinks later.



  1. I. Can't. Even.
    How you can miss this one, I do not know!
    Love the ring!


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