Sunday, 16 September 2012

(Asian) "Posse"

Maybe it's just me but a scene involving a "posse" gets me all the time. Goes to show how much boob tube I watch and how much movies, in general has afflicted, I mean, affected my brain.

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Take this weekend, for example. Stumbled upon the movie, The Last Samurai, by accident. When the above scene came up, I got the goosies. Ok, that's exaggerating. Of course it takes more than that for me to get the goosies. Anyhoot, where was I? Oh yes, that scene. That is the part when Algren, Tom Cruise's character, was returned to Tokyo as agreed, and a sea of people parted as they rode thru the street. See, in my mind, that scene conveyed perfectly what it was supposed to; power, honor, deference, strength, tradition all encaptured. And dare I say it, sexy.

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The interesting part, for me, with scenarios like that, is that it's usually from a movie set in a time when women in general had no other place but inside the home. Ok, not all of them, just the period ones perhaps. But what's that got to do with it? I dunno. Maybe it doesn't. But why do I feel it does?

Does it having an effect on me goes against the "feminist" in me? And if so, why? What beliefs am I betraying? And if it doesn't, why do I feel it does? Is it because I'm not supposed to be affected by movies? But isn't that the point of a good movie? And I haven't even talked about musical scores, don't get me started.

Now what's the point of all this rambling? I've forgotten already...


  1. I think you got the power, honor, deference, strength part quite right. The last samarai was a pretty good movies from memory. Did you enjoy it?

    1. I did like it, surprisingly enough since I'm typically not a fan of historical movies as some of them tend to be overly romanticized. But yes, I did enjoy it:p


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