Saturday, 8 September 2012

Eternity = 2 Weeks, Apparently

So! In the past, I talked about not shopping for a looooong while. I "promised" myself that I was going to stop, that I cannot go shopping again for eternity...

Did I stop? Hmmm...

A2 Aerosole wedge (Sears)
Jessica flats (Sears)

Classic black pumps (ok, perforated with wedged heels): $36.95

Flats, in color/print that I don't have yet: $26.87

Gap Iconic Stripe top

BR Gracie Crossbody bag

Another striped top (check out the elbow patch!), that makes me smile: $20.13

Crossbody bag, which I don't have, and in navy(!!): $67.19

AE chambray shirt

Chambray shirt that I've been eyeing for like forever (but refused to pay full-price): $26.85

My shopping brain all giddy, albeit bashful about it (and yes, embarrassed, ok?): PRICELESS

Is it?!? Is it really?!?

So what kind of excuses ran through my mind?

  • The Sears store nearby is closing soon and everyday brings new kinds of deal and stores closing  nearby don't just happen everyday now, does it?... wonder what can I score on <insert day>?
  • Hmmm, according to the email, up to 5 regular-priced item at 50% off at Banana Republic, only for a weekend!... Oh but wait, ok, it might not have been a regular-priced item, but at that sale price, that's even better than 50%!!! AND, it's not black!!! Navy!!! I don't have a navy purse, and crossbody at that, now that I think about it...
  • What, Gap also had 40% off on the first item, and 30% off on the next 3 (but who cares about the 3)?!? Yes!!! I don't have stripes in that color combo!!!
  • Oooh, sign says 40% on the entire store! Oooh, I can get the chambray shirt that I like,  FINALLY!!!

What have I learned now? That in my shopping mind, apparently eternity means only 2 weeks. How long ago was that? Give or take 1-2 weeks... Put that way, it sounds much longer, doesn't it? That's not bad then, is it? Or is it just me?

How's that for confounding my shopping brain, eh?


  1.'s just you....LMAO!
    My faves are the wedge heels and the bag....soooo purrrrrty:)

  2. Love the Gap sweatshirt.
    Shopping is too fun to stop,
    besides its therapeutic... at least that's my excuse.

    1. Agree, best kind of therapy there is haha

  3. Shopping brain...haha! I'm going to use that next time I buy something. Love the wedges


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