Wednesday, 5 September 2012

As If I Don't Watch Enough TV

Seeing that summer meant re-runs as far as most TV shows are concerned, I thought I'd catch up on all the PVR'd episodes we've saved so I can get caught up and get ready as the new season begins. Get ready for what? Sheesh, I sound like as if my life depends on it, how sad!

But did I? Of course not! Instead, I've veered my attention towards other shows on cable channels. So now, not only have I not watched the recorded episodes of the shows that I like so far, I've also managed to record more of new shows that I just started getting into. Ok, they're not new shows but they are to me. *sigh*

Doctor Who (via wikipedia)

Hubs remember watching reruns of the original one as a little kid. Me? Not really. One day, a month or so ago, however, they were doing a marathon on Space. Having heard what I heard about the show so far, I thought I'd watch one episode. Well, that was the end of it. Or should I say the beginning of it?

The sci-fi geek inside me started rejoicing, needless to say.

Haven (via wikipedia)

Stumbled upon this show one late Sunday night and the description of the show kinda' caught my attention. I liked whatever episode was on that night but didn't really watch anymore until, again, a month or so ago, when I started searching for any of its episodes on the TV guide.

Although not the biggest fan of Stephen King books, which this show is based on, I'm still enough of a fan.

White Collar (via wikipedia)

2 words. Matt Bomer.


He got on my radar (albeit late) after watching an episode of Glee where he played Blaine's older brother. Which then reminded of his show I always see in passing on Bravo but never really delved into. Again, until a month or so ago. And that's that!

What happened a month or so ago that got me getting into these shows? Not sure, really. It just happened, I suppose...

I guess it really shouldn't come as a surprise to me the way I start "obsessing" about things, including TV. My shopping habit alone is a perfect demonstration of such behaviour.

O well...


  1. Maaaaaaaatttttttt!
    Dat is all!
    PS Must really start watching Dr.Who!

    1. Maaaatttt is right! Hah! And yes you should!:p

  2. Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? =)


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