Saturday, 30 July 2011

I'm shopping!!!

... my closet!!!! HAH! Guess it's true that things sometimes become more a reality when in print. Or in my case, a rude awakening. So, in an attempt to follow my own advice of subscribing to my newly devised therapy, I am shopping my own closet. Didn't I just read that somewhere? To do just that to satisfy one's shopping urges.

And boy, a rude awakening indeed! Again, I know I'm not the worst out there, but I can't really use that as an excuse anymore, can I? I'm finding it almost scary, actually, to see in picture of what I've accumulated thus far.

... then if ever I want to go back to my past work life, I have these-

Kinda' monochromatic I know, but hey, it was a conservative industry, ok?

I think I realize what my problem is. No, I know what my problem is. In my attempt to be organized, every nook and cranny of those closets have been maximed, to say the least, and because the closets are not all in one place, I think I've, er, lost sight of the big picture...

Oh my god!!!! I think I'm even shocking myself to see how much I have! And can I tell you something else, there are a few more pictures that I dont' even want to include anymore, THEN, there is still that dresser drawer full of "stuff"... eeeeeeeek!!! *head bowed down in shame*

Now, how many accessories can/does one girl need? Seriously, tell me!!! Apparently, not enough *sigh*

... layers and layers of scarves...

a myriad...

my collection of costume rings... is that a price tag I see?!?

And I truly wish I can say that is it. But alas, no:(

If only I have this, then I could be set (hmmm, I wonder how many other gazillion girls have thought this)...

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