Monday, 18 July 2011

The root of it all

Yup, I call them the root of my personal "evil". Other times, I call them my babies. How sad is that! The picture {un}fortunately did not even capture the entire rack, nor did it show the floor. See those jackets on the left hand side? There's more hidden there! Again, how sad is that! I take little comfort from the fact that I know I don't have the biggest collection out there. Hello, Imelda!!! But then again, I know, this picture exhibits that I have a tad more than I need.

I remember summer vacations, way back in high school, early teens, when I was way younger:p, and bored to death at home, and would count the number of shoes I have down to my house slippers to while away time. I would do it once, twice, just to make sure I didn't miss a pair. The higher the number gets, the giddier I got. What did I tell you, sad, I know.

I blame it on my mother (who doesn't blame their mother anyway, eh? haha), the original shopper. I blame it on my hubby, the biggest enabler, more haha. Yes, it's everybody else's fault but mine:)

Happy to report I haven't bought a pair since June 27 (I think). Also, I've started my usual sorta' cleaning out to gather stuff for donation. That's gotta whittle the collection a bit, I hope. That should allow for more space at home, more room, for a new pair in there somewhere, perhaps?... Kidding!!!

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