Sunday, 18 December 2011

Trish Summerville for H&M

Not sure what happened yesterday but I was just not feeling well. I really thought my cold came back, but when I woke up this morning, I was feeling much better, thank god! Guess it was just a really bad allergy, whew!

And since I was feeling better this morning, thought I'd check out the Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville for H&M, heehee...

When I asked a staff about the collection, I was told it was on the 2nd floor. I thought that was strange for a new collection to be upstairs; but then again, I guess the collection is more along the line of their Divided pieces, I assumed that's why.

Now, with all the collabs that H&M has done so far, this one got me the most curious so I was really looking forward to seeing it in person. That may not have been the best attitude, I found. Since I was really curious about it, I must say I felt really let down by it. 

Mind you, despite the controversy regarding the collab and the strong reaction against it by some parties, I really thought the pieces were edgy, very urban and totally kick-ass.

Leather Moto jacket

Combat boots

What was really unfortunate, I thought, was since it's appearing to be one of the less successful collabs, I thought I had a better chance of finding my size, as selfish as that may sound. I think it's true, judging from the barely checked out section and considering there appears to be lots of everything still and it's techinically on Day 4 already. 

But no, no bigger sizes! Arggghh!!! Granted there's not too many tiny sizes either, hmmm... I seriously don't think the bigger-sized women cleaned out, again. Did they?!? Or did the collection only speak to the tiniest and the more rubenesque women out there, was that it?!?! Seriously, the only sizes left were 8 and 10. What was up with that?!?!

Moto pleather leggings

In my last attempt to pick up something from the collection, I thought I'd give this pants a try. Ok, I did fit in it, with all the stretch and the unnatural fabric it's made of, but in the end, I realized I didn't want to feel like a sausage casing and had no intentions of mooning people when I sit down, so I put it back on its hanger and handed it back.

Don't really know why but I had this sinking feeling that the sizing was deliberate, that whatever sizes I saw on display were really the only sizes they made. Yes, the world of H&M and Ms. Summerville have decided to turn its back on me as "my size" is not the market they have in mind when they made the collection.

Either that, or I have way too much time on my hand (which I so don't), or the cold meds have not fully left my system (possible), or my frustration was getting all out of proportion (most plausible, I say).


As successful as the books and the original films were, and with the much-hyped North American version premiering soon, it's looking to be a very niche collab... *sigh* O well...

Anyhoot, since I was out and about, I thought I might as well check out the rest of the mall. So glad I wasn't really out to look for Christmas gifts as some, just some, of the stores were really busy, and as much as I don't mind the crowd, it was at a point where I was feeling a lil tired so was not in the mood at all to jostle around and wait in line.

However, with the memory of the H&M pants so fresh in my head, I did end up getting this.

Gap 1969 Cord Leggings

Yikes!!! Not good, I know... O well...
(haven't tried it yet, remember as I was tired at this point, so there's still hope, that I might return it... HAHA)

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