Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pseudo Food Club Meeting

Last night should have been food club meeting #3, but one couldn't make it. It was going to be this French restaurant. The rest of us then just decided to have something more casual & low key. We ended up at this Korean restaurant.

Couldn't have thought of a better way to warm ourselves on a night like last night. Don't even remember which one this was. All I knew was it was hot, and spicy! (sssst... hehe)

... with your traditional side dishes- seaweed, potato,
pickled radish & kimchee

We ordered this other dish as well.

Korean grilled short ribs (gal bee)

Then, you'd think we would have been good at this point, but no, we had to order some more! We ordered the seafood pancake (not shown) as well. Of course, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, as always!

I tell ya, we left that restaurant feeling like we needed to be rolled out of that place. Yes, that full! Blech!

And just like any event that revolves around food, I say anyways, it was a fun evening. Went to another friend's house for dessert. Eeek, as if we have any more room; but what can I say, it was dessert, after all!.

Good times!

Then, earlier in the day, thought I'd do some more Christmas shopping. Fun!!! Ran into a friend at a store, so, double fun!!!

Weekend's almost over. Thank god I'm not working tomorrow. Maybe I'll finish my Christmas shopping. Or maybe I'll just laze around the house, zzzzzzz... Hah!

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