Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Dinner with Fellow Skaters

Last night was what-is-becoming the traditional Christmas dinner with fellow skaters. No, we don't skate. At all, actually. We just got used to calling each other that, for reasons only known to us (sorry:p)...

We couldn't decide where to go, so we made a last minute decision to go to what-is-becoming our second favorite "joint".


Thank god there was a spot for us. The friend managed to get a 6-8 slot, whew! They were fully booked they were turning people away, yikes.

Food was good, as always.

Cheicken liver with balsamic onion,
& Chickpea, roasted garlic & herb crostini

Walnut pesto, gorgonzola & pear crostini
Those are becoming our go-to appies.

Spaghetti with achovies, garlic, chilies & Meyer lemon
Yes, anchovies! Yummm! It was a tad, just a tad, dry to my taste, and I thought it would have benefited from a drizzle of a nice EVOO, but I loved it! The sprinkle on top almost reminds me of crushed pork crackling that's usually served (in the same manner) on a Filipino noodle dish that I love. Anyway, the dish had me at garlic.

And what's dinner without desserts.

Chocolate Fondant
A flourless chocolate cake that almost looks like chocolate pate, mmmm...

Lemon positano
Almost didn't get this but it came highly recommended by our waiter, Jessie. When we asked him to describe it, he couldn't really describe it. He said to call it lemon custard will not give it justice. He was right. So glad we listened to him!

And last but not least...

Affogatto (vanilla ice cream doused with espresso)

Molto bene!!! heehee...

And since we had to leave the resto at a certain time, which was all good, we thought we'd finish the night at our first favorite (winter:p) "joint" for a nightcap. Couldn't have ended the evening any better.

Fun night, as always, with good friends!

And just like little kids, we had our usual gift/card exchange.

Thomas Haas chocolates, mmmmm

'Tis the season... HO HO HO...


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