Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day 2011

We've been doing this kind of trip to the mall every year for the last, what, 3 years now, so it's becoming quite a tradition now for me and other sis. Trust us to have a tradition revolving around shopping. How sad, eh? And fun, no?!?! heehee

Yesterday, first sis joined us to go to our Boxing Day usual haunt. We were at the mall by 8!!! I tell ya, nothing else can get me up this early, hah!

Funny enough, getting there that early apparently wasn't early enough. We were lucky to have found a parking spot at the time, how nuts was that!

This is the mall around 9...

People lined up to get into the Nike store

And this is the mall by noon...


Boxing Day is, without a doubt, the antithesis of what I'm trying to do here. Granted I haven't really been that successful (obviously) but a day like yesterday is almost like an in-your-face assault to my psyche. So I figure, on that day, why fight it! If you can't beat it, join it. HAH!

If it's any consolation, even a wee bit (and yes, I'm saying this to myself), yesterday's trek was not as aimless as it's been in the past. Before, wallets go out the moment 50, 60, or even better, 75% sign was sighted, for items that were not really needed nor even wanted before the sale was seen. Sad, and scary, I know...

This year, I think I displayed better restraint. After all, I did put down a 7 for All Mankind jeans that's more than a half off, because, like my sisters reminded me, how many pairs do I really need. See, small victory, no?!?

I was looking, however, for a puffy jacket, which I did find. So did other sis:p

Gap hooded puffy jackets

Mind you, 2 more other coats were found after this. Well, I haven't bought a new coat in 3 years, for starter, and seriously, with what I paid for all 3 of them, I probably could not have bought even 1 if not for the Boxing Day sale. Again, another small victory, no?!? HAH!

Although I do wish I could say that was all I got. That was half of the damage... Let's just say this girl not only has 3 new coats, she also has a new cardi, a pair of boots and a tote. (That almost sounds like a title.)

O well... the day was over. In the end, I think I got some realllly good deals, had items crossed off the obsession wish list, with a bit of extra, that's all...

And today is another day. Moving on...

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