Sunday, 4 December 2011

Holiday Fetes

Hubby and I are homebodies at heart. I think so anyways. Take-out Chinese, movie and jammies is a fine way of spending a weekend evening, as far as I'm concerned. Now after work socials are another thing. The way I see it, I'm already out so why not:)

Aynhoot, even with the holidays such as the time we're in now, there's normally not much happening, other than the annual work and family celebration.

Having said that, this holiday season, it appears to be turning out the opposite of normal.

Last night, a girlfriend had an appy & wine party. And every Saturday, from last night til Christmas week, there's something happening, all around downtown.

Cray cray!

It should be fun!

So getting ready last night, got my outfit planned and all, then I thought I'd do something different with my hair.


As you can see, I'm not really good at this hair primping. Never have. It doesn't help that my hair is flat as a crepe:p Needless to say, that was the extent of that.

As part of my contribution for the evening's festivities, I decided to make this.

Stuffed mushrooms (with cream cheese, crab, bacon & veg)

I kinda' recalled seeing something similar on TV, so I thought I'd put my twist on it. It was the first time I made it. I know, not the smartest thing to try something unknown to bring to a party, but I thought, what the hey, live on the edge once in a while, hehe. Thank god it was delish!:)

A couple of people cancelled or backed out for valid reasons, I learned, so the evening turned out to be an intimate affair. Which I kinda' liked. When a party gets too big, I find it tends to break up into groups and conversations become chitchats. But with a smaller group, you all end up in one area then you get to know the other people much better. Mind you, most of us have met before, so in the end, it was nice catching up and all.

(there's my stuffed mushrooms in the round plate:p)

With appies galore and wine flowing out of our ears, couldn't have asked for a better get-together...

Cheers to the holiday season, good friends, sumptuous feast, and all the wine our bodies can handle!


  1. The food looks yummy:) And I like the curls:)

  2. Thanks! My awesome attempt at curling? Heck, yah! LOL... and the grub was yummm:p


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