Thursday, 1 December 2011

More Meat, Please

Decided to meet a girlfriend after work today. I thought I might as well. I've been staying late, a lot, for work lately and meeting her after work would, I thought, ensure that I'd leave work early, no scratch that, leave work on time, for a change. I ended up leaving "early enough", I suppose...

Didn't have much time for some chow as she did need to be somewhere else after, and we happened to have spent more time in one of the stores *sheepish smile*. The good thing is she came out of that store with just what she actually needed for a party this weekend, and more importantly, (drum roll, please), I came out empty-handed, YAY! And considering which store this is, I'm telling you, I say SUCCESS, indeed!


So, for dinner, we decided for something quick and went to this deli.

Poutine, with Montreal smoked meat

This is one of the popular dishes. Hello?!? How can it not?!? Poutine, mmmm. Then add the smoked meat, just yummm.

And as if that's not enough, we shared this sandwich as well.

Montreal smoked meat sandwich (with slaw & pickle, not shown)

Talked about oink-oink, eh? I meant, moo-moo?:p

I blame work. No, I blame the weather. Actually, I blame everything else but me. HAH!

I'm thinking my body is just acknowledging that it is, indeed, winter time therefore it's time to pack some protein to keep the body warm for the season and get ready for hibernation. O wait, those are for bears, right?

O well...


  1. Woohoo....congrats on the "walking away":P And that poutine looks yummy!

  2. Small victory! LOL... and it was delish!:)


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