Sunday, 25 December 2011

How Christmas 2011 Came To Be

This was me yesterday.

After having gone through...

... to be with family.

And today, what marks a time to be spent with loved ones, was spent at sis' in-laws' place.

First came the food.

Then came the gift exchanges. Numerous gift exchanges. From gift cards to kitchen item to bath/body stuff, oh my!:p

After Christmas comes, why, Boxing Day, of course! Quite an anticipated day (by my shopping psyche) and dreaded day (by my wallet, heehee, or should I say hubby, perhaps? hah!) at the same time. Also, time to be spent with sistahs, so I say, we'll just leave it at anticipated! LOL

And if tonight's any indication of what to expect the next 2 weeks, all I can say is bring on the feasting/merriment/bonding! Woot woot!


  1. woot woot!:) And Boxing Day makes me cry too...literally...

  2. Such an emotional day, I tell ya... heehee

  3. It was, Michelle! and thnx for the comment!:)


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