Saturday, 10 December 2011

Another Week Bites the Dust

The closer we get to Christmas, the faster it feels the hours are melding to minutes. I'm not just talking about getting ready for the holidays with the buying and wrapping presents and spending much needed time with the family (yay!); but also at work, and, hate to admit it, outside work (translation: social events).

As I've mentioned before, for such a homebody (for the most part:p), this month's social calendar is surprisingly full. Yes, again, I know it's the holiday season, but this is not the norm for me. I'm still not really sure how I feel about it.

Last night was intended for a quiet night at home. So what did I do? Made last minute plan to attend a party, that's what!

Went straight from work, and just partied on! *eeek*

... the only bling on, un-intentionally... LOL

Am I pushing my body too far? Don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.

Not counting this weekend, one more weekend of partyin... Yikes!

Then, a much needed vacation is coming up shortly after, thank god! Maybe that's what it is, just knowing I'll get my rest then. But will I? It'll be a time spent mostly with family, after all. Hah!

Hey, not complaining at all! Seriously! At least I'm in a position (I think:p) to be able to do ALL that, right? At the end of it, if I really think about it, what does that all mean? That I have my health to be able to do all that. That I have friends to celebrate all that. That I have family to spend time with. And most of all, that I have a hubby who indulges me to do all that <3

Happy Weekend!

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