Sunday, 17 June 2012

Time in a Wristwatch

Happy Father's Day!

This is a watch that used to belong to my dad. Just an ordinary Kenneth Cole watch, really, that my dad wore for daily use. Its leather strap was so worn out, the inner lining had already separated from the leather.

It stopped ticking a while back. And I left it as is for the longest time. Time stopped. I guess, in a way, time did stop, the time with my dad, that is. A little over 6 years ago.

Then recently, hubs offered to get the batteries replaced for all my watches. I gave him 2 of them, which didn't include my dad's. But I guess he decided to surprise me and grabbed it anyways, so when he got home that day, there it is, on the table, my dad's watch, ticking once more, and with a new strap, given a new life.

Time started moving again, I suppose...


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