Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mailing List

Store mailing list, ah, the new bane of my existence. Ok, that's being overly dramatic.

Seemingly innocuous enough in the beginning, and useful (in my shopping mind), I'm now inundated with it, always announcing to me what good sales I am potentially missing out there, or I could partake in (depending on my mood).... What? Unsubscribe? Never! HAH! (never say never)...

Over the weekend, what with the semi-annual sales happening all around, according to my emails, I thought I'd refill our Bath and Body stash for soaps and what-have-yous. I did have a coupon after all, thanks to an email. And I figured, since I'm out and about, I might as well walk around to see where my remaining monthly budget can take me.

I walked into Holt Renfrew, Canada's answer to Harrods, only without the history, or to Bergdorf/ Saks/ Neiman, just because there is no Bergdorf/ Saks/ Neiman around here. Anyhoot, there I was, ready to live it large with my $27.24. Alas, that amount could not even buy me a heel of a shoe or a sleeve of a dress. What was I thinking anyways?

But I did find something elsewhere.

Gap espadrilles (on sale, $27.99, and the only pair!)

Now how much more summery can you get than that, eh? And within my budget too! Well, give or take a few cents. Cents!!! Pretty good, huh?

Now if only summer could have come yesterday... And if only July 1st could come tomorrow, you know, for a new shopping month. Kidding! No, actually I'm serious... Kidding!


(and I guess all these summer colors just inspired me to get this color for my pedi earlier)

... too bad it didn't show how neon this orange is:p

C'mon, summer, just come, won't ya!


  1. LOLZ:P T
    Those espadrilles look perfect for the summer, and likey the nail polish too!


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