Sunday, 3 June 2012

And So, Another (shopping) Month Begins

Although not quite a success, I'm still happy about the fact that I was only $2.88 over budget for the month of May, especially considering the fact that the budget was used up halfway through the month. A step in the right direction, at least, no?

And because another month has begun, I thought I'd walk around town on Sunday and just kinda' "look around". Plus, the weather was on the tad nicer side as well, so I thought, why not... Ok, maybe it wasn't as unintended as I made it sound. I figured it's a new month, I have some stuff in mind, so first opportunity I get... hehe

Thanks to my e-reads,  the first summer wardrobe update --

AE sandals (on sale!, $22.39)

 Well, if I really wanted to, I would have looked for this --

... as read here and here...

But as much as I like this sandals,  and as flat as this already is, I needed something flatter, believe it or not, to suit my lifestyle. Secondly, seeing the kind of weather we've been having lately, I really don't even know if we'll get a proper summer. I almost feel like it's wishful thinking, as it is, just buying what I bought. Isn't that sad? Good part, however, was I didn't realize it was on sale until I was paying for it. Score! And of all the similar sandals I've seen, this one's got a bit of padding. I can just hear my feet thanking me.

Another good thing? Today's purchase would have been twice as much if only an H&M skirt fitted me properly. Darn that long-line-up-always-at-the-fitting-room! But hey, that's what return policies are for, right? AND, it just means more $ in the budget, still. YAY!


  1. Ooooo...those sandals are a great score! heehee

  2. Very nice!

    Kisses from Italy



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