Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Happy Retirement!"

Yesterday, we celebrated a colleague's retirement party. 3 of us at work organized it. Based on the guest of honor's reaction throughout the night, I'd say we didn't do so bad.

What I did find more interesting tho' was watching the faces of the people who showed up to celebrate with our colleague. These are people who he's worked with at some point. I know why they're there, having worked with him for almost 4 years. And they're obviously all good reasons.

I guess I find the whole thing heartwarming. That when my turn comes, that I will hopefully see the same expression on people's faces. That's all...


  1. No....they'll be like, "It's about time!"....bwahaha! But seriously, that was really sweet:)

  2. I know eh? hehe... laters, baby! HAHAHAHAHA

  3. awww congratulations to your co-worker, I look forward to this time in life too


  4. That image looks like fun already...
    Oh but retirement has such a sad side to it.

  5. @Natalie, you and me both!:p
    @Ann, it was fun, more fun than any of us anticipated and agree, it is kinda' goodbye after all, no?


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