Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Inspired By...

I love to cook. I've always thought I'm good (normal good, not Master Chef good) at it, even when I wasn't. You shoulda' seen the first dish I made for hubs. To this day, he claims it was not that bad, bless his heart.

In time, I realize I cook like my dad used to, kinda' "by ear". I see what's available at home, and get what I might eventually need without any real set plan in my head. I kinda' have an idea and I just take it from there. I do need to get inspired though every now and then. So...

... who watches too much Food Network, you think?

But considering the way I cook, I've never really liked measurements or exact ingredients. I guess I happen to fall into that category of cooks, rather than bakers. So why bother with the cookbooks in the first place? Like I said, for inspiration.

(Side story: I tried to bake these nutella cookies one time based on a recipe I saw online. I did so many changes to the ingredients, based on what I had at the time, the resulting cookies were nowhere near what it's supposed to look like. It tasted yummy, fortunately. And when I told sis and a few people about it, I was made aware of the fact that perhaps I didn't really make the cookies I set out to do... I had to be made aware! Since in my head, I thought I still did hehe)

Needless to say, I've had these cookbooks for a while now, and how many recipes do you think I've tried? NONE. Yup! Although, I've made several dishes based on what I've seen on these books. That should count, no?

And now, here's another cookbook bought recently during a Costco trip. Another cookbook that will not be used, so to speak. HAH!


  1. Ooooooo...let me know if it's any good! hehe...

  2. whatever I end up "copying"? sure! hehehe


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