Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Story of a Purse

I happen to be one of those women who hates changing purse. Once I put all my crap stuff in that one purse, that's it! Til that bag falls apart, or I get so tired of it. First of all, I'm always rushing in the morning, for whatever reason, no matter how early or late I get up, no matter if I've pushed that snooze button 5 times or not. Go figure!

So, changing purse in the morning is not an attractive option for me. What was that? Change purse the night before? Now, there's an idea, right? But I don't even know what I would wear in the morning until 1 minute before I put on something! Ah, there lies the dilemma...HAH!

So, I've learned to go for basic ones that can forcefully go with any outfits.

Ironically enough, I have a number of nice expensive purses, courtesy of hubs:p, that I haven't used in a while. Why? Again, in my head, who has the energy to keep changing purse regularly?

Then, once in a while, no matter how rarely I change my purse, my brain gets stuck on a particular style that I'd keep looking and looking and looking and looking...

Browns leather satchel

... until I find it.

Based of course, on what I've been eyeing for a while...


... but could not justify the price in my head, but if hubs give it to me as a present, I'd feel differently, but not sure how long I can wait, so... heehee...

And how can I not include the next ones, which started the obsession in my head, after all?!?

Proenza Schouler

Tell me!!!! Ach!!!

And funny enough, I walked in to that store on Wednesday night really just to tag along with a co-worker to look at boots. Boots! Not bags! But the bag, of course, as luck would have it, was next to the boots on the window display which made me look for it inside the store and when I didn't find it, asked a sales associate for the one on the window display, which made me asked for the price and found out it was on sale. Sale!!!

End of story.


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