Friday, 13 January 2012

How Time Flies

First work week of the year, I made it, yay!

It may have helped that some kind of shopping kinda' sneaked in there somewhere heehee...

Zara top (Front)

Seriously, there I was coming home, after having gotten a ride from a colleague, which then meant walking home from a different direction, during which I happened to pass by Zaraat which point I saw these big-ass posters SALE on the window. *sigh*

Mind you, I've been eyeing this top for a while now and I didn't think I'll even see it on sale and on my size at that! First, I really don't like paying for full price. Second, although I don't like paying for full price, I came pretty close to buying this top at regular price but they didn't have my size. So there, I say it was written in the stars! LOL

And mind you, again, with their crazy sale, I seriously have not just one item on hand, but, call it baby steps or whatever, in the end, I put them all away but for one:p

I can keep going with excuses reasons as to my purchase(s)... Sad... hehe

And since coming back from vacay, wasn't really in the mood to brown-bag for lunch all week. Not good, I know...

... part of Thursday lunch at Mucho Burrito

Friday (Filipino) lunch at Kumare

So there, another week bites the dust! Happy Friday, yay!!!!

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