Monday, 16 January 2012

More comfort food, please

I guess, winter that it is, I can't help but gravitate towards or crave food that's comfortable, that's familiar...

So, I decided to make this last night.

Chicken Adobo
This is probably one of the more popular Filipino dish known outside the Filipino community. It's Spanish in origin. There is even a Mexican dish with the same name but funny enough, nowhere near similar to this dish. And interestingly enough, there is so many versions of this dish, as in many many versions. All depends what part of the Philippines you're family's from.

And another interesting thing about this particular dish. The recipe itself came from a cookbook by a non-Filipino. HAH! How about that!

Regardless, it was delish!!!

Thanks, sis, for the recipe!:)))


  1. Such a great post, I like it!!! This dish seems so delicious!
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  2. Thanks, Fabrizia! It was yummm! And thanks for the comment:)


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