Saturday, 28 January 2012

More Dine Out

I guess I'm trying to make up for all the years I haven't done Dine Out. Ok, not really.:p

Decided with some friends to meet up for drinks last night. Ok, before I go on, I just wanna' say I'm not a slush or anything like. O wait, is that something a slush will say? Ok, forget it...

As I was saying, met with a couple of friends yesterday after work. They were both going on trips, separately, which meant I may not see them for a few weeks. So me and girlfriend first met up at one of our go-to places while the other friend was getting a haircut.

We were only going to be there for A drink since we had plans of meeting with other friend at this other place. As it turned out, other friend finished early and we were hungrier than we thought, so other friend ended up meeting us and we ended up staying a tad longer than planned.

Grilled scallops on egg tofu with mango relish

Sandy, the owner, recommended this new dish on their menu. It was delish!

And I do like the fact that we come here often enough that we're comfortable with telling her anything and know that she won't be offended. Not about this dish, obviously, but I'm saying just in general.

Eventually, we managed to un-glue ourselves off our seats and headed to the other place.

It's our first time at this lounge. We quite liked it. There's a quiet elegance to the place. I suppose that's almost a given, considering its location.

And may I say how yummy that drink was? Can one describe a drink as yummy? I suppose one can...

Then, as it turned out, we didn't have enough food at the first place. And the only menu available was the Dine Out menu. Ok, we could have ordered a la carte, but it wasn't worth it, so Dine Out menu it was.

Chickpea frites

Xi Shi burger

I like how accommodating the staff was. This burger, for example, has 2 patties in one sandwich, which they split to two mini sandwiches to accommodate us, without us even requesting it. And the other friend ordered a drink which he ended up not really liking and without the other friend saying anything, they took it upon themselves to take it off our bill seeing that the other friend barely touched the drink. Is that service, or is that service?

The food, needless to say, was quality!

Couldn't have started the weekend in a more fun way, no?!?

Happy weekend!!!


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