Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Photo Diary in Food, Mostly, Pt 2

Who gets sick on New Year? Me, that's who! I know, blech!

But this is my vacay after all. And should I let a lil cold get in the way of feasting? Of course not! Hah!

NYE Party turned out to be such a blast. Don't ask me how much drink I've had heehee...

Not a bad spread for last-minute planning, eh?

7 fruits
 This is a tradition that mom has been doing for as long as I can remember. 7 round fruits on the table as the clock strikes midnight, in addition to a bowl of rice, coins and salt, and a candle. All supposedly to signify good fortune for the new year. There are other variations out there. Some put 8 fruits. Does it all really mean such thing? Is it really effective, true?

I suppose, in the end, it doesn't really matter, does it? It's fun to do. And I find it's almost nostalgic to carry on something as part of tradition. No?

And since it was a party after all, we say it couldn't be a fun party without--

Jello shots! LOL

Anyways, by New Year's day, I had a full blown cold. I did not want to go anywhere. I just wanted to stay plopped on mom's comfy couch and vegged out I did *sigh*

I did go out with other sis, on Monday evening, for dinner with some girlfriends. Other sis picked this Indian restaurant.

And while waiting for our food, I thought I might as well learn some stuff.:p

For someone who's sick, I thought I ate my fair share. HAH!

Me and one of the girlfriend were both sick, so we thought we'd start with some soup. And boy, was the soup we picked spicy! Cleared the nose, for sure! We started with lollipop chicken for appy. No pic taken as we were hungry and by the time I realized I haven't taken a photo, the plate was empty hehe.

We, then, moved to the next appy.

Deep fried cauliflower marinated in yogurt and house masala

That dish went fast as well.

Moving on...

Paper Dosa

Butter Chicken

Mutton Do Piaza
(Mutton cooked with Chef's special gravy)

Mattar Paneer
(Cube size cottage cheese and green peas
cooked in special cashew nut rich gravy)

Lest we forget the rice and the naan bread. Seriously, I didn't think we could eat all that, but alas, we did:p O well, like people have been telling me since I got here, it's ok, I'm on vacation! Eeek How many times can I say that, really?!?

Then, tonight, the whole family, meaning including all extended family, went out for dinner. This time, it's this Italian restaurant. All-you-can eat Italian, if I may add. More Eeeek...

And the perfect way to end any meal...



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