Thursday, 29 March 2012

Write-Off, Postscript

Guess I shoulda known better. 5 days ago, I said I was good for the month. No more shopping good, that is. But the shopping gods had other things in mind, I suppose.

Somehow, the retail wind whispered to my ears, via a friend, on the (almost) other side of the coast, nonetheless, that Winners, my "second home", is having jeans sale, as in J Brand jeans for $60 kinda jean sales.

So, on my way home, without thinking, my feet just led me to the store.

And no, didn't get any jeans. I didn't really need another pair, sale or not. But I figured, since I was there, I might as well look around some more.

Needless to say, after trying out a (Nanette Lepore, on clearance!!) dress, a couple of colored pants, and 2 pairs of shoes, I walked out with...

Pinto scarf
(isn't the hint of lilac pretty?:p)


Oh, and...

Sally Hansen in Plaid About You

My other sis loves these nail polish, and every other blogger seems to really like them too and has talked about it to death. Guess I finally just had to succumb to it.


Ok, there are 2 days left to the month. Now do I think I can finally say that yes, I'm good from this point forward?

"Yes, I'm good for the month from this point forward!"

See, that was easy!


  1. Nice, the nails are gonna be great :)

  2. I love the colour of the scarf:)

  3. Yup, can't wait to use it, use them!:p thnx, ladies:)

  4. Beautiful post darling! would you like to follow each other?:X


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