Sunday, 4 March 2012

Food Club Meeting # 3, Finally... Kinda'

Earlier this week, we thought of pushing thru with our next food club meeting, and decided on Saturday, last night.

How much of a food club meeting was it? Not too sure. We were still 1 person short as one couldn't make it. Second, we ended up settling on Greek food. Not much of a "creative" choice for a "food club", me and 1 friend thought, but hey, we all each get our turn, and this happened to be someone's pick.

Having said all that, there was really nothing to complain about last night.

Lamb shank

The food was good, for sure, and even better was the company, as always.

Our reservation was for 6:30. So there I was, just finished with a prior engagement, shortly after 6, when I thought I'd kill some time walking around downtown since I had another 1/2 hour before our meeting. So thought I'd walk "through" H&M. pffft No sooner than 5 minutes have gone by, after walking in to the store, did I got a message from one of the friends I was meeting for dinner. She said she and the other friend were at a nearby hotel having drinks at the lounge, and asked if I want to join them before heading to dinner.

As I was about to respond yes, I realized I was having a hard time typing and was fumbling with my phone. Then, it occurred to me that my hands were full, that's why. Full with what?


Ballet flats = death of me.

All in a matter of 5 minutes or so at that! Who knew what else could have landed on my hands had I walked "through" a bit more, hmmmm...

Notice how stuff just seem to happen to fall into my hands every time I walk into one of "my" stores? Who am I kidding!!!

What was that they say, the first step is acceptance?

Hi, my name is...


  1. The lamb shanks look yummo! And those ballet flats are nice...u iz cray cray!

  2. Mm that lamb looks delicious and I love those sweet flats!

    xo Gillie

  3. love the pink flats!

  4. Thnx y'all!:p Cannot wait, for sure, to wear those babies! lol


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