Monday, 5 March 2012

Sweet Mother of Pork!

I had to work at a different office today, which meant no brown bag for lunch. Coulda' gone to Chinatown, seeing that it was really close, and had some me some "real" Chinese food:p or even Vietnamese, since there was a really good one in the neighborhood, but since those choices sounded like a given, I decided to forego and ended up in this other place.


Now I'm no food critic/writer/blogger, but for the first time in a long time, I think I may have just swooned a little over this small but packed sandwich. Can you even use the word swoon to describe food? HAH!

A real porchetta sandwich for a change! And mine was the last serving too! There was a nice crunch every now and then when a piece you bite into happen to have skin. The meat was tender and full of flavor. And the chimichurri definitely balanced out the fattiness of the meat. Best part was the crusty bread that sandwiched all that yumminess.

I say all this because I'm not a big sandwich eater, so for me to talk this much about A sandwich, I suppose that should say something.

The place itself (a butcher shop!) has some character to it, an old-fashion feel to the place. They sell mostly heritage meat, I think, from the brief glance I took of the place, and specialty cuts/meats. It's a kind of shop that at one point, got run over eventually by big-box supermarkets but is starting to re-surface, fortunately. Although one downside, I think, to a place like that, in a time that we're in, is that it's now considered a specialty shop, which doesn't translate well price-wise.

The question then becomes, are you worth it? If so, can you afford it?


  1. mmm that definitely looks like a swoon worthy food, you're making me hungry!

    xo gillie

  2. It looks cool :)


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