Monday, 19 March 2012

Run, L____, Run

Over the weekend, I was pretty much in my kicks for the most part.

K-Swiss (Winners)

And whether right or wrong, I even wore one to work today *eyes averted*.

Reebok (Winners)

In the beginning of my career change, mind you that was almost 4 years ago already, I realized I didn't need to  subject my feet (and toes) anymore to all those heels that I've worn day in and out (yes hehe), 5 days a week, oh say, for a good 10, 13 years. Cray cray, right?

So when that shift happened, my feet definitely rejoiced. And I guess my feet I got carried away. Perhaps a tad.

You'd think I would have just considered flats, eh, but no! During those days, in my mind, work shoes just meant heels. Flats, what are those?

But yes, I eventually discovered the joys of flats. And boy, did I ever!... And I'll just leave it at that...


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