Monday, 12 March 2012

What Was I Thinking?!?

Over the weekend I promised sis that I would get her these pants at H&M seeing that they're sold out in TO.

First attempt was Saturday when I thought they had a different style available here in the city. But as it turned out, it was the right pants after all. So I told her I'd go back to the store today.

Second attempt was thought as a failure, again, but only for a sec! As it turned out, the mannequin had my sister's size on. In short, thanks to a wonderful staff, off came the pants from the mannequin, and straight to my hands. Yay! And when I called sis to tell her, it was double YAY! heehee

With all that giddiness passing back and forth on the phone, it appears my "style" brain has gone haywire coz next thing I knew...

Yes, a second pair went home with me, sigh second pair being my size. It's not even my style!!! What was I thinking? But isn't it fun?!?

I figure I have 30 days to let all those flowers marinate in my head. It is definitely out of my comfort zone. But hey, maybe it's time to get out of my comfort zone and what better way to start than this full bloom of a print. AND, while I'm doing this, my sis can stare at this pix, I suppose, until she receives her pair.

BWAHAHAHA... (cue music) hehe


  1. stare stare stare...bwahaha!
    iz kyuuuuuuuut on you!

  2. I love those pants so much! You're definitely a great sister to go through all that work to get her the pants!

    xo Gillie

  3. Those pants, with a denim shirt and maybe some fierce pumps and you will be rocking it, girl!

  4. Thnx, Gillie, what kind of sister will I be if I can't help fuel her obsession, right? LOL
    And liking that suggestion, Lisa, thanks!:)


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