Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Birthday (Cheese)Cake

Yesterday was hubs' birthday. And since it was a weekday, we he didn't really feel like going out to celebrate. And thank god hubs is a simple guy. Give him some kind of meat and potato dish and he's happy as a clam. But since it was his birthday, figure the least I can do is provide a souped up version. So prime rib it was, with all the fixin'.

But the birthday cake is another issue. No matter how we celebrate our birthdays, be it just a quiet night at home or all out fine dining, one thing that's always present is the birthday cake. Naturally!

"Sin" Cheesecake from Trees Coffee House

Their cheesecake is apparently voted the best cheesecake in town. By who? Who knows! But boy, whatever cheesecake we've had there, so far, is delish for sure! We try not to have their cakes too often, for obvious reasons:p All imma say is that this one, for example, is called "Sin" for a reason HAH!

Hubs actually thought I forgot to get his cake and hinted at possibly getting cheesecake. So there I was cheesecake in one hand, phone in another, telling him that I might just quickly go to a nearby market to pick up whatever's available heehee... I love it when a plan comes together like that:p


  1. delicious!

  2. ahh that looks amazing, cheesecake is my favorite!

    xo Gillie

  3. It is to die for, ladies! just confirming heehee


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