Sunday, 18 March 2012

(Kinda') New Look, (Kinda') New Beginning

I'm probably speaking for a small minority when I say I happen to have no attachment to my hair whatsoever. Not in a way that some women feel that it's part of who they are. The rare times I do something with my hair, the stylist can chop it all off for all I care. Which is why I never understood when I hear a woman who refuses to let go and embrace change.

Although a  strange thing did happen shortly after I got married. Whereas I used to go regularly to a salon to maintain my hair, I just got lazy taking care of my hair after marriage. (Ok, maybe not so strange a thing since, whether I admit it or not, part of the whole dating ritual is maintaining your looks which includes the hair.) I have seriously gone, sometimes, for almost a year not seeing a stylist and just do my own color too at that! eeeek Considering how I shop as well, I really cannot justify the way I've neglected my hair all these times *sigh*

And this is how sad I know it's gotten. Every time I go to the salon I've been going to for the last 2 1/2 years (which says a lot, for starters, especially for me), which translates to 3 visits thus far *awkward smile*, I always end up seeing a different person coz the person who last cut my hair no longer works there. (Mind you, my stylist today did say that some of the staff are on work-holiday permits only which meant the longest they can stay in the country is a year, which I suppose could partly explain why the changes in stylist at every visit. I'm sticking to that excuse reason anyway)...

So having realized all that this weekend, thanks to hubs' push, decided to have my almost yearly visit and get me some change:p

BEFORE (mind you, this was taken in Dec,
but you get the idea)


This is not a totally new look for me per se, as I've had this kind of asymmetrical (short on the back, although you can't see it from this pic, obviously) bob, but it almost is a new look, really, since I've let my hair grow so long for a quite some time now (guess that's what happens when you don't get it cut for a while, right? heehee).

And may I just say how glad I am to have finally gone!:p And so glad too I got the stylist I got today. This dude, Ryo, looks like you can just snap his pic and put him on any of those street style blogs, seriously! Now how can you go wrong with that kind of stylist, I tell ya. A stylish stylist! Hmmm, I may have just a found a new reason why I should maintain my hair more regularly, again. HAH! And I haven't even mentioned the assistant dude who, during the wash, massaged my head so well I almost fell asleep hehe

Oy, all of these ramblings just over hair?!? But is it?... Hmmm... Who just said she's not really attached to her hair... Hmmm...


  1. the new hair. Way to go, Ryo:)

  2. Exactly! Yay, Ryo! LOL... thnx:)


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