Monday, 29 October 2012

I Read Like I Eat

Over the weekend, the public library nearby had its annual book sale. Not really sure why but this is actually the first time I checked it out. Oh, man, so many, many books! It was a tad overwhelming just because most everything is all over the place, especially the paperbacks.

From top: Emma, Wicked, The Kite Runner, The Lovely Bones, The Historian

Tried not to go too crazy. Yes, even though they were dirt cheap. After all, how much can I really read for a certain period? I figure these books will tide me over for a good while. There were a few more picked up that were not included in the pic, just because I'm kinda' embarrassed to admit that I read them kind of books hehe Heck, I don't even know why I'm saying that here. HAH! Oh yes, to reinforce the fact that there are indeed enough books to tide me over.

I find since I've been out of school, I go thru cycles with my reading. I will go for months and months without touching a book then boom, I'd be reading non-stop, book after book after book. I guess I'm in a reading cycle of late, a much longer reading cycle, mind you, not sure why.

Oh, and on top of that, I realized too in my older years that I can't speed read like I used to in my younger years. I can still pretty much finish a book in a day, depending on how engrossed I am in the book, but I do remember when I can finish a book in half a night if I wanted to. Now, I'm finding myself savoring the words and scenes much more, letting myself totally wrapped up in the story, therefore taking longer, definitely, to finish a book sometimes. Kinda like when I eat. Over the years, because they say it's better for digestion and healthier eating (that is what they say, no?), I've learned to chew my food longer and by doing so, really savor my food. The good thing about that, like they say, is that you end up eating less. True, but then when your taste buds are open like that, the taste for rich(er) food also gets magnified, no? Or is it just me? Hmmm...

Now if only I can eat like I read. In cycles, that is... HAH!


  1. Read The Historian first!!!!!

  2. You picked up some really good books! I read Wicked and saw the theater production. Both were awesome! I can't read fast like I use to either. HAHAHA I love food! I savor each and every morsel. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Please return. Loving the topics you have on yours. I'm a reader now :) Have a great day!

    1. Thnx!:) I am indeed looking forward to my reads. Too bad I missed Wicked when the production was in town, but at least I have the book now:p


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