Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Birthday Gift to Myself

Old Navy haul

Ok, not really. I guess I just said that to make myself feel better. Why? Do I feel bad? No. Guilty? No. Maybe. Who am I kidding? Well, actually I suppose you can say it is. I got a mailer alert week before last about a sale on their Rockstar jeans, placed the order last week, the week of my birthday, so yes, it is kinda', no? Again, who am I kidding?!? I know, no one!!! HAH!

What just happened?!? I don't even like online shopping!!! And not even really a big fan of Old Navy!!! AND I actually love my purchases!!! Eeeeek!

Rockstar Super Skinny jeans (in Grey), $16.15

I finally succumbed to the hype around these jeans. Now I know why. I got a size bigger 'cause that what seems to be the recommendation all around. Oh, plus it was the only size available when I bought it (popular sale was right!) hehe... Luckily, since their leg width tends to be on the tad narrow side for my built, it worked that I got the bigger size. The waist is a lil big but nothing that a belt couldn't fix. Whew!

Floral Chiffon dress, $23.80

I know summer's over but what can I say, the color and the flowers just grabbed me.

Cap-Toe ballet flats, $17.00

It had me at ballet. Then add the yellow on top of that. And I know it was comfy 'cause I did try it once at the store.

Why didn't I stop at just the jeans, when that's all I was really interested in? Do I need to answer that? Ok, if I must, the other 2 items are on sale as well, plus there was an additional 15% going on at the time, plus I didn't want to pay for shipping so I thought I'd meet the minimum purchase. So yes, rather than pay $8 for shipping, I spent an additional $40. HAH!

Am I smart, or am I smart!

Anyhoot, our wedding anniversary falls shortly after my birthday. We usually just celebrate the milestone ones (kinda' gives you an idea how long we've been married if we're now talking milestones, eh?) and this year was a quiet one. Didn't really expect anything.

Guess I was wrong. Definitely one of the rare occasions when I was happy to be wrong. HAH!


  1. that cake looks delish! Happy bday!

    1. Thanks Izumi! It was! Green tea chiffon, yum!:p

  2. Belated happy anniversary!!!
    And lookie at all the purchases:P Those jeans, and the dress....super cute!

  3. Happy Birthday and wedding anniversary!!! So many things to celebrate, you deserve these lovely new purchases.

    1. Thanks, Trishie! It's been a lovely week, for sure, with all those celebration (and purchases:p)!


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