Saturday, 20 October 2012

When Am I?

Time is such a funny thing, no?

Had a course to attend to this week so it was a short work week for me. Yet the way this course broke up the week, the short work week doesn't feel that short on one hand, considering the amount of work done both in and out of the office. And on the other hand, the short work week felt truly short, since I was only in the office for 2 days...

When I do the scheduling at work, I obviously have to work on it in advance. So here I am in the present, looking at the calendar for the next few weeks. Sometimes, when I work on it too long, I think I convince myself that I am on that week already, forgetting about the present...

Then when I blog, I blog as I think, for the most part, but sometimes, I will have too many thoughts in my head that I break them up and schedule posts for the future (which seems to be the recommendation by some out there... meh...). And what happens? I forget about them, I go back to my blog a few days later and it feels like I'm remembering something that happened a while back yet I'm posting in the present.

Huh? Does that even make sense?

My point, exactly!



  1. You lost me in the first paragraph...iz like Math!!:P

  2. Many thanks for your message on my blog, I am following you now via bloglovin.
    I look forward to reading your future posts :)

  3. when weeks are short, it feels long because you want to go home!! haha

    1. I know eh! Talk about being spoiled. When the week is short, you expect it to go even faster:p


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