Saturday, 13 October 2012

Face to Face

No, I'm not talking about the face itself, or makeup, or anything like that. I mean face-to-face interaction.

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With this new temporary work assignment I have, I didn't know why but it felt a little unsettling in the beginning. It's in the same division, same line of work, yet something was throwing me off. Then one day it occurred to me what it was. For the first time in my work life, I'm not dealing with the public per se. Not just that, I'm not face to face with clients so to speak.

I've always thought that one of the reasons I've done the work I've done, be it the retail ones back in uni days or the "professional" ones I've held thus far, is the pleasure I get from dealing with the public. I've always enjoyed the interaction with an array of personalities. I like the variety it gave any work day as no 2 days are ever the same.

Now, I suppose it's a little different. I'm kinda' behind the scene, no direct contact with clients and a good part of my interaction is virtual. It is quite different. Do I like it? I think I'm starting to. It's calling for a different set of skills, that's for sure. I have mostly just my peers and upper management to deal with, after all. There are no non-verbal cues to rely on and written words definitely needed to be edited carefully as one can easily misread the emotion or tone being conveyed. Sounding droll in person may sound sarcastic virtually.

But I guess that's the fun part of all this, trying to work my way around the world of IM's and webinars, and for the first time, no whiny/snarky comments thrown to my face that requires the patience of a saint. HAH!


  1. Hey...anything that means no whiny/snarky comments to my face is a winning situation!!!
    God bless!


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