Monday, 2 July 2012

Fifty Shades...

I briefly mentioned this book(s) in the previous post but I wasn't really sure if I wanted to talk about it. It just doesn't feel right, just like the book(s), but then again, just like the book(s), can't help it. HAH!

Fifty Shades series (E L James)

I heard there is no middle ground with this book(s). One either hates it or loves it. Me? I must belong to its target audience coz, you know what, I actually don't mind it (don't mind it???).

Whodathunk this kind of material will make it mainstream! What does it say about our society in general? That something is "taboo" until some power-that-be decides it's not? Then as the power in number grows that it becomes acceptable? Not that it makes a difference to me at this point. Human facets are complicated, complex and diverse to begin with, I can understand that what society thinks as normal barely covers a facet or 2.

Then there's also the argument of those on the other side of the fence on this book(s). Does it really promote what they say it does?

At the end of it, regardless of the divide/opinion/discussion, why over-analyze it? Like me and sis were saying, if it gets people reading, hey, why not? Whether it's the explicit content or the fantasy or the love story aspect that a reader is drawn to, reading is reading. Whatever floats people's boats, right?

Just one other thing, I almost want to say this book(s) is (are) not for hopeless romantic young women. Not because of its content. We're all (mostly) adults after all. 2 words. Christian Grey. Or I should say 3 words. NO Christian Grey.


Laters, baby... (sorry, couldn't resist *snicker*)


  1. I only read the third book (I know, I know) - I can totally see why people enjoy it, but it felt like so much of THE SAME to me. So I guess unfortunately I am on the non-fan category for this series.

    But shoot, Miss James is pulling in some loot off this series - more power to her!

  2. Ach, you're right, the 3rd only?!? no wonder! haha, kidding!:p... I do know what you mean, to a degree. Gotta hand it to the author to manage to stretch it to 3 books, and sell it, eh? And now with the possibility of more books, yup, kudos to her indeed!


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