Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Week in Food

Every now and then, my social calendar gets packed up in such a short period of time that even I wonder what's up with things. For weeks, it'll be quiet, so quiet that even I get antsy, then next thing I know, everything seems to be happening one after another. Of course when I say social activities, I mean one thing, food... *sigh*... I mean *satisfied sigh*... Hah!

Take last week, for example...

(Be warned, it's a heavy food post.)

Hubs and I decided to go for dim sum last minute.

Bean curd sheet with veggies

Prawn chow fun

Beef balls


Sesame ball

It was time for our bimonthly blood donation, and true to what's now appearing to be a tradition, came our dinner after. Gotta replenish the iron.

Saltspring Island Mussels in coconut curry sauce

Crisp polenta fries with curry mayo sauce

A bunch of us met up for dinner as we all haven't seen one another in a while.

Seared ahi tuna salad

(saving the best for last) Some friends wanted to check out the Richmond Night Market. They have a second location this year, which is where we went. Actually, we initially checked out the Chinatown one in downtown but having gotten there and realizing how measly the offering was, we decided last minute to go check out the Richmond one. And we're all glad we did.

Grilled squid tentacles

Skewered meat (ribeye, chicken and pork)

Popcorn chicken, Taiwanese-style

Martabak (Indonesian egg snack)

Roasted pork hock

The Wishing Tree

And of course, with all those activities last week and really no time to do anything else, what do I gotta do now? Oh, laundry and whatever chores I "fancy doing". Oh and yes, I guess burn all those calories off.


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