Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hair Lesson

Ever since I found one hairstylist that I like working with, finally, I've decided that I would now go for regular visits, as in every 3 months or so (that is the usual, right?), as opposed to once every year, or year and a half (eeep!). So I did. After almost 4 months since my last visit, I booked a hair appointment, just this past weekend. It would have been sooner but he was on vacation (so that wasn't quite my fault now, was it?).

This was the idea for a new style:

(Google image)

Now before I post any more pic, the question is did I get this cut? The answer is no. Hah!

I've mentioned to him a few times that I always want something low maintenance coz I seriously don't have the patience anymore to stand in front of the mirror to blow-dry, flat-iron, texturize, shape and mold my hair. I would rather get an extra sleep. And thank god he was listening the whole time coz when I showed him this pic, the first thing he said was it would require too much work for me, considering the texture of my hair.

I'll admit I was disappointed for a millisecond, but the realist in me took over after that millisecond. Actually I think he was surprised that I suggested a totally different style. I think he thought I would just get the same asymmetrical bob I got before. Maybe it's just me, but I've always had this idea that if I'm going to a salon and make a production out of my haircut, it might as well be something totally different that it's really noticeable. Am I the only who thinks that way? And why do I think that way to begin with?

Anyhoot, I think I'm slowly moving away from that kind of thinking...

Then it got me thinking how it would be nice if every aspect of my decision-making has an equivalent to that of my hair guy... Should I go ahead and buy that thing?... Uhm, no because that would just create more expense... Should I go in that direction?... Uhm, no, because going in that direction would change your plan entirely... Kinda' like a live-in consultant in my head. Wouldn't that be cool? I suppose I could start seeing a shrink or something. HAH!

Trust my brain to over-analyze a haircut. A haircut!

So, after all that rambling, I did get a cut and this is how it looks now... hehe...


  1. You are so much better than me at getting haircuts. I get my haircut like twice a year... and I have my husband cut it... lol!

  2. Brave woman! haha... Oh I've been there too:p

    1. Ha ha! My husband has actually gotten quite good at the haircuts now. He's almost a pro! I was really nervous the first time though...

    2. Guess practice makes perfect eh? Wonder how I can convince my hubby? hehehe

  3. You should really just show your face so we can get the full effect:P It does look from what I can see:)

  4. I really think its a good cut on you,
    with all the heat and busy lifestyle we have.
    I did get a haircut too a couple of weeks ago,
    from near waist length to above the neck and a new color,
    that brought up questions from my friends...am I heart-broken?
    Do I have problems?...Really?
    Why other people associate drastic change of hairstyle with those issues is beyond me.

    1. Wow, that musta' been some change! I do know what you mean about the questions when you make such a drastic change. Yah, why is that?!? Fortunately for me, since I've changed my hair so many times, most people around me who knows me have stopped asking:p

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