Friday, 27 July 2012

Not Another Food Post

Oh yes it is.

Food, in the last month or so, that I was happy to put effort in, that's made my inner child happy, that's sated the belly...

Cassata Siciliana
(Ok, I didn't make this one, but it was a very special cake indeed... 
our "anniversary" cake)

Crab roe, sauteed in garlic and lemon

The making of a taco (or taco salad, I suppose)

Oven-roasted version of Chicken Adobo

Veal chops with baby potatoes

Chinese long beans (sitaw) Adobo

Thank god we had our dinner already... hehe...


  1. great this post, i really love it


  2. I want to eat all of it. I want more details on that yummy cake:)


    1. Thanks Erin! It's a sponge cake with ricotta cream filling instead of the usual butter cream, almost like the cannoli filling. Love love this cake:p

  3. OMGEnno! All look good, esp. the adobo!


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