Sunday, 6 November 2011

Spring Forward, Fall Back

There's something to be said about manually turning your clock back, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, that it almost makes you feel you're buying yourself time physically. But with all these smart technology we have, there's almost no need to do so, as all the gadgets we have laying around the house do it automatically.

Had to use the alarm this morning as I was meeting a friend for an early walk. Shortly after I got up, hubby got up too and reminded me about the time adjustment. For a brief moment, I seriously thought I had an added hour that I forgot about, but realized soon (too soon) after that my alarm clock has adjusted itself and that, indeed, I am looking at the right time. I kinda' felt jipped. As if there was that hour that I thought was a bonus and I didn't get it, even though in reality, I/we did gain that hour... *sigh*

Anyhoot, last Friday, 'went out with some friends to celebrate a friend's birthday belatedly. We ended up at one of the celebrant's fave dining place.

Burrata with prosciutto

Walnut pesto, gorgonzola & pear crostini

Chicken liver with balsamic onion crostini

Quince jelly and provolone crostini

And for the main part of the meal,

Campanelle with pancetta, leeks and chanterelle
(with mounds of grated cheese... pecorino, I think)

I normally don't have pasta in a restaurant as I have it often enough at home and I know how much it cost to make them, so for me to try this house-made pasta says a lot about the place. The food was yummy, and the restaurant lives up to its "neighborhood restaurant" feel. The night itself was not without drama, but hey, I suppose that's all part of making memories. In the end, everyone's had a good time and another memorable night made with friends.

Come Saturday, I just felt really exhausted and seriously thought, again, that I was coming down with something. Shortly after our coffee in the morning, I went back to bed to get some more rest. By the afternoon, fortunately, I was feeling much better.  When dinner time came, I wanted something home-y and comfy.

Mac n cheese with ground beef

I call it my homemade version of the Hamburger Helper. It was creamy, cheesy, and best of all, comforting.

By this morning, thankfully, I was feeling much better. The walk that me and my friend planned didn't quite happen. She was feeling a tad lazy. I was too quick to agree, hehe. So, we decided to just go for dim sum then walk around downtown after. Guess we did kinda' got to do our walk.:p

So, all in all, I say the weekend turned out alright... Looking forward to the next one already... HAH!


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