Monday, 7 November 2011

Crappy, no, Beautiful Monday

Considering how beautiful this past weekend was, albeit nippy, today was a complete 180. It was cold. It was wet. It was gray. It was dreary. Blech!

And I know it wasn't just me. Some people at work were feeling the same way too. They said so.

To top that, with the time adjustment, it was a tad dark already by the time I left work. At 4:30!!! More blech!

Had to leave work early, no scrap that, on time, to go to the hospital. Hospital, triple blech!

I think I've gone to the hospital more times than I care for, out of which, once or twice for me. I don't love it, who does! But I don't hate it either, like most some people do.

The way I see it, it is what it is. The hospital has its purpose after all...

And when I was leaving the hospital, way past visiting hours, through the usual route that I'm familiar with, I found all the doors were locked. There was on older gentleman trying to do the same as I do. And as I tried to retrace my steps, hoping to find an alternative exit, what thought crossed my mind, you asked? That I better find the same gentleman if I turned and looked back. Best part, I wondered for a second what I would have done if there was no one in the hallway. HAH!

Watched too many horror supernatural movies? Who me? Nah...

Obviously, I found a way out. Courtesy of a nice security personnel. Me, the older gentleman, and another lady who's already with him, trying to do just one thing, leave the building... Too bad Elvis wasn't there, he coulda' shown us the way too, perhaps.


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