Friday, 25 November 2011

Black Friday

Such a somber name for such a festive day for shoppers and retailers, using the word "festive" loosely. Reading up on it, I can see how that can mean a good thing, especially for businesses. But still, black?!? Almost a sad color in a way, no?

And now, what I think I'm hearing for the first time, stores are now doing Black Friday sales in Canada. When our Thanksgiving was back in October! Oh for the love of the almighty dollar!

Even I almost fell for it! I really gotta' unsubscribe to all these store emails...


Black Friday aside, I'm just really glad it's Friday.

Even the weather, I think, was glad it's Friday.

I might as well savor this scene as I think all we can look forward for the next few days is rain.

But what the hey, all I know is it's Friday!!!

Happy weekend!!!


  1. Cray cray...but you know? The US sales are still much better:(

  2. Of course, why am I not surprised? Argh...


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