Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Shopping

I happen to fall into that category of people who don't start their Christmas shopping until they have to. Granted, not so much a last-minute shopper, but neither am I one to shop year round looking out for Christmas gifts. I usually give myself a month. I guess you could say almost in tune with Black Friday shopping, even before I heard of Black Friday.

Maybe it's just me but I treat Christmas shopping like I do my own shopping, which means I usually have a kinda' sorta' plan when I step into a store. The only thing with a kinda' sorta' plan that I have is that nothing's set in stone. So, I could be thinking I'm looking for a belt, for example, and come out of the store with a dress, which could translate to anywhere between 1/2 an hour to an hour looking for a belt and probably 15 minutes on the dress. HAH!

Now, with Christmas shopping, or just like any shopping meant for other people, there is the added pressure (that I add personally, because I'm sane that way) of putting myself into the other person's shoes to make sure the gift is something s/he would like AND at the same time putting my spin on it. Does that even make sense?

Then, sometimes, I end up putting too much of my spin on it. Case in point...

Sesame Street Knitwits (get it? LOL)

Did I really want this for my nephews? Or do I want this for myself? Hmmmm...

Hubby thinks I put too much thought into it. Maybe I do. I say that's what gifts are all about or at least how all gifts should be, no?

And with the kinda' sorta' plan I have, am I set, or am I set!


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