Tuesday, 27 November 2012

All Over the Place

Today, yes, literally! A colleague and I had to visit various offices to talk to people about a pending major change. We ended up visiting 6 offices spread throughout the city. It didn't appear to be much work, but having to talk to every single person at every office and maintaining a certain level of energy all day, boy, I was just pooped at the end of it. The best part, we do it all over again tomorrow, wheee!!!

And to add the weekend that just passed seemed all over the place as well, heck I guess my thoughts have been scattered around for a good few days now...

Anyhoot, with the Black Friday that just passed, Canadian retailers have now figured that they should participate now as well so Canadians wouldn't find the need anymore to cross the border to get advantage of sales. I didn't think it would really make a difference but I guess I was wrong. The mall that I went to was buzzzy! It's like Boxing Day, but only in November. It was cray cray! Fortunately, I didn't get carried away...

Bath & Body anti-bacterial hand soaps

Needed to refill our stash so the deal couldn't have come at a better time.

American Eagle jeggings

I had to recently dispose of 2 black jeans thanks to that common(?) problem of thinning out and ripping at the inner thigh (is it just me? eeep). At 40% off, I figured, again, the deal couldn't have come at a better time. And that was it! Whew!

Then, yesterday, I decided last minute to recreate the steak dish I had at the wedding I went to last Friday night.

Ribeye steak with broccolini on a bed of mashed potato

I thought it was just as delish as the wedding steak, albeit not as nicely plated and the portion is a tad(?) bigger. I learned it takes a great deal more butter than I anticipated to make it just as delish, but you're definitely not gonna hear me complain, nope. Hah!

And since I painted my nail that nice dark wine color last week, I couldn't resist going even a bit more dark this time.

Nicole by OPI in Razzle Dazzler (sorry, this is before clean-up)

All over the place, aren't I?! And like I said, we get to do it again tomorrow, so looking forward to it! *snort*


  1. My jeans tend to rip at the knees first...can't figure out why either!

    1. Too funny, isn't that interesting! I think I'll feel better if mine happens at the knees then I'm pretty sure I can still wear it:p

  2. Wow the nail polish is pretty cool <3


  3. Oooo....likey the polish too!

  4. oh gosh, how do i adore...i mean LOVE a good ribeye steak! it looks so good! girl you got some good stuff! i need to stock up on bath and body stuff too. let me tell you, they have deep deep sales and markdowns in January!!! it's super cheap then! love your nail color. i love dark polish this time of year. hope things slow down on the job. it does sound crazy hectic! hahaha

    1. Thanks for the tip, Kim! Guess which store I'm checking out come Jan? haha And I really wish I can say it'll slow down at work any time now but with this coming change, I'd say fat chance:p O well. It'll make time fly really fast anyways, that's for sure!


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