Tuesday, 13 November 2012

To Infinity (Scarf) and Beyond

Not sure what happened (pfft) but 2 years ago, I got meself an infinity scarf.

Zazo (Winners)

I loved it coz it kept me warm and it was a novelty item, for me anyway. Fast forward to beginning of fall this year.



Before I knew it, that's all I could see everytime I'm in the accessories area. When the second black one was bought, I said to myself that it was a different material, it's chunkier and totally different style, so that made it ok. Riiiight! And when my hand reached for the gray one, on a different day, and it decided to walk out with me from the store, I said to myself, hey it's gray. I don't have a gray scarf, or to be more specific, a gray infinity scarf. Riiight!

Then over the weekend, as I was buying Christmas presents, look what my hands gravitated towards.


This time, I overheard myself saying to myself that I don't have an orange one. And it's stripes on top of that!



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