Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thank You, Advertisers

Maybe it's just me, but I really gotta hand it to these ad people when they make me like a song even more than I already do, or actually discover a song, just by using the song in their ads. No, I'm not talking about those cheesy ones (no offense). I think they nail it in the head. The whole point is to evoke an emotion, right? For the song to reflect their product? Not that I end up buying their products. Hah! But it does give me the warm fuzzy feeling. Kinda like the Google Chrome ads (here, here, here, and here). I'm such a sap, I know hehe...

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop (Landon Pigg), from De Beers Diamonds, 2008:


We Are Young (Fun), from Chevy Sonic, 2012:

Everything At Once (Lenka), from Microsoft, 2012:

Home (Phillip Phillips), from Tim Hortons for Tassimo, 2012:

Out of all these, I'm realizing two things. First, I imagine from the artist perspective, the whole thing about commercialism might equate to a feeling of selling-out, but I also imagine, they need to stay commercial eventually, no, in order to survive. Second, what does it say about me when I discover a song thru an ad? Does that validate an artist when it's able to reach an audience like myself? AND more importantly, am I that old that I only hear certain songs thru ads? Or maybe I just watched too much TV, is that it? Which is it? Hmmm...


  1. You just watch too much TV....bwahaha!

  2. You wtach too much Tv. Can´t see the vids in my region :-(


    1. LOL that I do! And darn, sorry about that:(


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